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Kaladhari Infosys is one stop for your online presence.

KI provide Web Site Designing to Customized Web-Applications
Domains, international class server hosting

Our team at KI helps your company to induce radical-transformations in business workflow.Bringing more rationalized structural changes than existing application.Using cutting edge open Architecture AJAX+ PHP 5.x + MySQL web 2.0 & as well as .NET ASP programming environment are used for creating customised online solution. our skills

We cater indivisual web sites to e-commerce portal development.

Current Ongoing Projects

  • Online Forum for a client
  • Online Real Estate portal
  • Website for various Restaurant, Hospitals and Colleges

**Open Source programming sollution means customized application will be stable, faster and cheaper.

Search Engine Optimazation...

Affordable, effective and focused SEO marketing services can drive efficiencies and enable your website to:::
  • Reach out to millions of visitors coming through search engines
  • Rank high on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and get maximum benefit
  • Maximize your Return of Investment - ROI
  • Capture a focused and targeted audience efficiently


Kaladhari Infosys for high-end CAD-CAM software, CollabCAD (2010 to 2015 authorized National Distributor)

CollabCAD Features List:
  • Collaborative & Comprehensive
  • Economical CAD Solutions
  • Life Long Licensing and Support
  • Flexible & Easy to Use Database Connectivity
  • Programmable Scripting Interface
  • Powerful Reverse Engineering
  • Slicing/Cross sectioning, Generating Cross section points
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Standard Data Exchange Formats
  • VRML Preview
  • BAR Code for ERP Solution
  • Plot Configurator and BOM
  • XML based geometry data storage and Database connectivity
  • Multiple language (English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian and Italian) support
  • Content Management System and Work Flow( PLM )
  • Interface to Enterprise Automation Application
  • Screen Shot:::SAMPLES (at CollabCAD website)
Kaladhari Infosys provide 3D format coversion for all popular 3D sollutions present in market and in research( See Below)

Training (2010- 2015)

Kaladhari Infosys recognisized by Govt. of India to Provide Nationwide Training for CollabCAD.

This includes Industry professionals, Professors, Teachers, Students.Details here...

Kaladhari 3D Revolution, Educational project with world class quality and professionalism

3D Format Conversion

Our research team at Kaldhari Infosys helps existing users of other 3D software to smoothly migrate to a better CAD-CAM sollution.

We provide 3D file format conversion with shaders and material...Detail here...

Kaladhari 3D Revolution

To Provide Cost Effective Frugal Cutting Edge Turnkey 3D Educational Sollution package keeping in view various demographic and economic conditions.

This includes Hardware, software & Course Material with support to implementation

Softwares: Selected CAD software, Animation software, VPL

K3DR Design:

Recommendation of International and National bodies are considered

  • National Innovation Council,India
  • Task Force on Skill Development,Planning Commission, India
  • ACM K-12 Task Force Curriculum Committee
  • CSTA Computer Science Teacher Certification Task Force
  • NCAC, VR & Computer Simulation, Curriculum Enhancements

Use our contact form To know more about K3DR

Future technologies at Kaladhari Infosys

Codesign for EXascale Computing

The Quest: Exascale computing is a 21st-century attempt to move computing capabilities beyond the existing petascale.

How earthly computers are performing?

Lets start with 1960 in timeline.In 1960s computer had a peak performance of a few million calculations per second or megaflops. In 1985 Gigaflops (billions) peak speeds were achieved, teraflops(trillions) in 1997, and petaflops (a 1 followed by fifteen zeros) in 2008.

The supercomputing community is now aiming for exascale computing-1,000,000,000,000,000,000 calculations per second.(a 1 followed by eighteen zeros).This seems remarkable performance advancements in supercomputing.
In the quest for the fastest machines, supercomputers have always been at the leading edge of advances in IT, identifying the key barriers to overcome and experimenting with technologies and architectures.

To read more, what's happening at various places on the Earth w.r.t ExaScale computing, visit the report

(Synopsis :What is CoDEx?)

Where technology is heading?

Visit here:

CoDEx means Smart and Systematic use of methodologies that is use of Rapid synthesis tools to generate prototype design.

It combine three elements:

  1. Skeleton application ( any problem that needs super computer to solve ),some UML based software system design
  2. Hardware and Software :
    1. FPGA accelerated emulation: Latest Hardware Simulation (tools) for faster custom designed hardware(such as RAMP, Palladium)
    2. Software Autotuning: Automatic compiler and source code generation for simulated hardware(such as ROSE, SST/Macro)

Results shown in recent hard work done( How CoDesign for EXascale computing is changing the present scenario in Super Computing)

Two Projects

  1. Green Flash: and
  2. Green Wave project

Comparison of energy efficiency with Green Wave, a codesigned many-core processor implementation


Intel Nehalem

Nvidia Fermi

Green Wave

Total Nodes




Megapoints per Watt




Communication overhead( % )




Total megawatts






conventional design cycle

CoDEx codesign cycle


Time required

Design new system

2 Years


Build Hardware

2 Years


Port Application



Software Tuning

2 Years


Total Cycle time

6+ Years


**All information presented here is taken from internet resources, Intellectual Property Rights belongs to their respective owners
***Kaladhari Infosys is Upcoming Technology consulting company to various technical and educational institutes


Hetrogeneous Computing with OpenCL

Heterogeneous solutions: systems which are assembled from different subsystems, each of them optimized to achieve different optimization points or to address different workloads.

The Open Computing Language (OpenCL) was designed to meet this important need. It was defined and managed by the nonprofit technology consortium Khronos The language and its development environment “borrows” many of its basic concepts from very successful, hardware specific environments such as CUDA, CAL, CTM, and blends them to create a hardware independent software development environment. It supports different levels of parallelism and efficiently maps to homogeneous or heterogeneous, single- or multiple-device systems consisting of CPUs, GPUs, FPGA and potentially other future devices. In order to support future devices, OpenCL defines a set of mechanisms that if met, the device could be seamlessly included as part of the OpenCL environment. OpenCL also defines a run-time support that allows to manage the resources, combine different types of hardware under the same execution environment and hopefully in the future it will allow to dynamically balance computations, power and other resources such as memory hierarchy, in a more general manner.


People Behind the Scene

Chief Technology Officer

Paramjeet Singh

Former CEO Virtual Reality Technologies...
He has worked with many MNCs and mid-size company in various projects

  • Edutainment multimedia DVDs,
  • Various websites,
  • 3D Animation series like WordWorld.
  • Virtual Reality project – (as System Designer and independent research worker 1998-2001) created system design for computer aided interior decoration interactive walk through with acoustics and weather control. The system design was developed in UML notation for Java platform. This was quad-processor system. Each processor was delegated a role namely Interaction, Lighting, Texturing and 3D Sound
  • Conduct classes at NIIT center for Sun Java Certification courses
  • Instructor for 3D Modeling, Effects and Animation in Alias Maya ( Autodesk Maya )
  • Present research and development is going under supervision are:
    • COTS: Non-Immersive Interactive Walkthrough for Civil Designing and Interior Designing Using CollabCAD package,OpenCL, etc
  • Focus is on
    • K3DR, Bringing rationalized 3D Virtual Reality sturctured education for masses
    • Use of Visual Programming Languages in Educational Institutes
    • Use of OpenCL in VR projects

He graduated from Centennial College, Toronto, Canada. (Creative sciences and 3D as majors)

Contact him at:, Mobile: +91 9761795652

Chief Business Developement Officer

Harpreet Singh

Very Strong at values and deliveries. He is young entrepreneur from today's generation. He is venture Capitalist and Business Development officer for Kaladhari Infosys.He looks after construction, govt. & private contracts ,and marketing for latest and upcoming techno bash at Kaladhari Infosys..

Contact him at:



Social Responsibilities at Kaladhari Infosys
At Kaladhari Infosys, we strive for inter-connected, well communicated educational network. Non profitable initiative for needy students.
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