Q:Why CollabCAD?
A:When you think about CollabCAD, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s our 3D mechanical CAD software. And while that may be what we’re known best for, that’s not all there is to CollabCAD. At Kaladhari Infosys we're dedicated to providing engineers, designers and other creative professionals with the tools they need to design the world’s greatest products. CollabCAD offer a range of Simulation products( Computer Aidded Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Zebra Contour, Virtual Casting & many more...)to help you get your designs right before you send them out to production.CollabCAD's Product Life Management (PLM) software can keep your data organized, and version control ensures everyone in the office is working off the same page.
Q:Why should I consider CollabCAD now?
A:Companies everywhere–including your competitors–are moving to 3D. If you want to take your product design to the next level, get the most out of your team, and be the leader in your market, now is the time to start thinking about the ways CollabCAD® can help you succeed.
Q:How easily can we make the transition?
A:We realize that moving from 2D to 3D involves more than just buying new software—it requires you and your employees to think differently about how you approach the design process.
Q:How can we design better products using CollabCAD?
A:You think in three dimensions. Your products are three-dimensional. So doesn’t it make sense to design them in 3D?(see Features)
Q:How much return on investment will we see?
A:We understand that for most businesses moving to a new design platform is a major investment, and it’s important to understand how it will affect your bottom line. The good news is that moving to CollabCAD will likely start paying off sooner than later.
Q:Who else is using CollabCAD?
A:Who’s using CollabCAD? Lots of people. In fact, thousands of them. You’ll find CollabCAD in use at Fortune 500 companies, single proprietorships, and everywhere in between.
Q:Who will help us be successful with CollabCAD?
A:From helping you get up and running to making sure you stay successful, Kaladhari Infosys is committed to providing the tools and knowledge that will help your company design better products.
Q:CollabCAD window vs linux ver?

Dear reader, CollabCAD is an effort to bring world class CAD-CAM practices to all possible users. CollabCAD is a new breed of software fusion that is combination of In-house developement and Open source software.Govt of India is proud to bring minor feature difference between windows and linux vers of CollabCAD. As on dated 1/1/11 linux base FEA module is not available in Windows ver of CollabCAD. Scientist at www.collabcad.com are working to bring this gap. At present CollabCAD user need to cooperate and bear with us on windows and linux technicalities of FEA module.

*FEA is Finite Element Analysis. Read more on FEA.